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Poetry Excercises

The following is a list of poetry excercises for improving your poetry skills.

Pick a random phrase or word.  Write a poem based on that word.

Pick a word from the dictionary at random and write a poem based on that word.

Eliminate certain words or phrases from a poem: eliminate all adjectives or adverbs from a your poem, or take out all words beginning with 's' in another poet's poem.

Rewrite someone else's poem.  Write a poem as a response to another poet's poem. 

Write a poem using only certain types of words or phrases; prepositional phrases, verbs.  Rewrite another poet's poem in this manner. 

Gather a group of words, then form only these words into a poem.

Use words or phrases that are associated with a subject and write a poem about a different subject. 

Write a poem about an everyday object around you.

Label objects around your house with adjectives and adverbs that describe their essence.

Write a poem in cursive connecting every word from start to finish without spaces.

Experiment writing poetry at different speeds.  Set a timer and write poetry within a time frame.

Record a poem instead of writing.

Write a poem about a mundane everyday activity. 

Write a poem from a different person's perspective.

Write another poet's poem from a different perspective. 

Transform prose into a poetic form.

Write another poet's poem from the opposite perspective.  

Write a poem in the style of a news report or advertising copy.

Write one word of a poem a day for an extended period.  

Write what you would consider to be as bad a poem as possible. 

Write a multilingual poem.

Write a poem using only questions.

Cut out words from newspapers or magazines and arrange them into a poem.

Turn a grocery or to-do list into a poem. 

Write a poetic obituary.

Write the same poetic subject in different poetry formats. 

Write poems for life's special occasions for friends and family. 

Experiment with different poetry formats.  

Invent new poetry forms.

Write a poem that is a letter to the reader.  

Write a poem about your job. 

Write multiple poems on the same subject.

Translate a poem from a language you do not speak using a dual-language dictionary. 

Gather a group of poets.  Have each person write a word on a piece of paper and put it in a hat.  Create a poem by placing the words in the order they are chosen from the hat.

Write a poem that consists of lines from other poets' poems. 

Replace words in another poet's poem with blanks.  Trade this poem with another poet and fill in the blanks of the poems.

Write a poem using words that begin with each letter of the alphabet in successive order.  Write a poem using words that begin with each letter of the alphabet in rrandom order.

Write a poem in which all the words begin with the same letter.

Rewrite the poems of your poet friends.

Write a poem consisting entirely of overheard conversation.

Write a poem saying things you never could to someone. 

Write a poem in the style of another poet's poetry.

Write a poem without mentioning any objects.

Write a poem using all the words of another poet's poem.  

Write a poem consisting of one‑word lines; write a poem consisting of two‑word lines; write a poem consisting of three‑word lines. 

Write a poem about simultaneously occuring events.

Write a poem in which all the events occur in different places and at different times. 

Poetry excercises

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