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Poetic Voice

The mission of the Poetic Voice is to provide poets with a source of information on poets, poems and poetry to help poets understand the poetry tools necessary to deliver poignant poems.  By setting this lofty goal, Poetic Voice hopes to provide a source of inspiration to poets to develop these poetic skills until your poetry outreaches its potential.

As fellow poets, we aspire to create poetry that instantaneously transforms readers and listeners to the precise point of our inspiration.  To achieve our goals, we must hone our skills by studying the poetry of the past and present, and by experimenting with creative writing techniques, multiple poetry formats, and all the experience provided by those that follow our poetic path.  It is our aim to provide this information as easily as possible to our fellow poets.  Below, you will find a list of poetry terminology with easy to understand explanations.  The menu above provides various tools, and sources of inspiration and guidance that will help you unleash your poetic voice.

A source of information on poets, poems and poetry, and a source of inspiration for poets.
Please heed this warning:
This site can only help those that believe their poetic potential is limitless.

All poetry shown on this site is the sole ownership of the poets and is only meant to be used for educational purposes.

Poetic Voice hopes to povide a source of information and inspiration for poets.